Saturday, June 25, 2022
Mariner’s Point Park, Mission Bay, San Diego, CA
7:00AM – 5:00PM
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Noelle Murphy

James Rojas

Kendra Losee



  • Keiki
    • Girls - 10 & Under
    • Girls - 12 & Under
    • Girls - 14 & Under
    • Girls - 16 & Under
    • Boys - 10 & Under
    • Boys - 12 & Under
    • Boys - 14 & Under
    • Boys - 16 & Under
  • Novice/Short
    • Girls - 19 & Under
    • Boys - 19 & Under
    • Novice A - Men Spec
    • Novice A - Men UL
    • Novice A - Women Spec
    • Novice A - Women UL
    • Novice A - Co-Ed
    • Novice A - Co-Ed UL
    • Men - Short Course - UL
    • Men - Short Course
    • Women - Short Course
    • Women - Short Course - UL
    • Co-Ed - Short Course - UL
    • Co-Ed - Juniors (Short)
  • Women/Coed
    • Women - 19 & Under
    • Women - Spec
    • Women - Masters
    • Women - Masters UL
    • Women - Senior Masters
    • Women - Senior Masters UL
    • Women - Golden Masters
    • Women - Golden Masters UL
    • Women - Unlimited
    • Co-Ed - Open
    • Co-Ed - Open UL
    • Co-Ed - Masters
    • Co-Ed - Masters UL
    • Co-Ed - Sr Masters
    • Co-Ed - Sr Masters UL
    • Co-Ed - Golden Masters UL
    • Co-Ed - Juniors (Long)
  • Men
    • Men - 19 & Under
    • Men - Spec
    • Men - Masters
    • Men - Masters UL
    • Men - Senior Masters
    • Men - Senior Masters UL
    • Men - Golden Masters
    • Men - Golden Masters UL
    • Men - Unlimited

Race Schedule

7:00 am Hawaiian blessing and Native land acknowledgment
7:30 am Keiki Steersperson meeting
8:00 am Race – Keiki
8:15 am Novice, Junior and Short Course Steersperson meeting
8:30 am Race – Novice, Junior and Short Course (4-5 miles)
9:00 am Open Steersperson meeting (Men’s and Women’s/Co-ed Races)
10:00 am Open Women and Co-ed launch
10:30 am Race – Open Women and Co-ed (10-12 miles)
11:00 am Food trucks open for lunch service
12:00 pm Open Men launch
12:00 pm Beer service starts
12:30 pm Race – Open Men (10-12 miles)
2:30 pm Novice dance contest (rules listed below)
3:30 pm Men’s, Women’s Awards and photos (may be interspersed with Novice dances)
4:00 pm Food service begins closing
4:30 pm Final raffle prize, Perpetual Trophy winner announced
5:00 pm Beer service ends, time to clean up
After-party…THE PENNANT (walking distance!)

Parking & Directions

From north:
From I-5 south, exit Sea World Drive. Turn right onto Sea World Drive and follow south/west around the Bay, past Sea World. Take ramp on right to W Mission Bay Drive, via Ingraham St/Mission Beach. Cross the bridge. At first traffic light, turn left on Mariner’s Way into parking lot. Race venue is at the end of Mariner’s Way.

From south or east:
From I-8 west, exit Sports Arena Blvd. Turn right onto West Mission Bay Drive. Cross bridge, stay right and take second ramp on right to West Mission Bay Drive. Cross the bridge. At first traffic light, turn left on Mariner’s Way into parking lot. Race venue is at the end of Mariner’s Way.

Vehicle Parking – Free, but limited

  • Please park in areas designated as ‘P’ on map. Big public parking lots in the area. It’s a little walk to the beach, wagons or sherpas may come in handy. Get there early.
  • Paddlers, do not drive all the way through to the end of Mariner’s Way. Only trailer parking is allowed here
  • Parking Rules Strictly Enforced!
  • No parking in RED ZONES unless you want to support The City of San Diego.

Trailer Parking

Trailer Lot Open: Friday 6/24 3pm to 8pm & Saturday 6/25 5am to 9am. NOTE: After 9am on Saturday 6/25, trailers will NOT be allowed to enter the lot.

  • Trailer parking is extremely limited. It is best to come Friday afternoon 6/24 and leave trailer(s) and canoes overnight (NO vehicles will be allowed to park overnight at the race site, hitched or not). We will have security on the beach overnight.
  • We ask that clubs double up with other clubs for towing if possible. (Save gas money!)
  • If your driver arrives Friday before 3pm or after 8pm, please park at the Dana Landing launch lot (1600-1908 Dana Landing Rd, San Diego, CA 92109) until the gates open at race site. Do not attempt to pull in. You will not be given access, and you will not be able to turn the trailer around. It is a red zone and you will be ticketed.
  • Only Trailer parking is allowed at race site. Paddlers – do not go all the way through to the end of Mariner’s Way. Only designated trailer drivers and authorized personnel into the lot. Yes, we will have parking attendants to direct you.
  • Parking is FREE.

Please email or call James Rojas at 415-754-9349, with your club name, driver name, and trailer arrival time/date.


Race Day Information


  • 1st-3rd awards will be presented in the race divisions listed in the chart below.
  • Due to lack of entries so far in 2022 races, there will not be awards in the following divisions: Co-Ed – Short Course, Women – 19 & Under, Co-Ed – Juniors (Short), Women – Senior Masters, Women – Golden Masters, Men – 19 & Under, Men – Senior Masters, Men – Golden Masters
  • NOTE – In order to allow time for our novice dance contest and keep schedule on track, award winners will be announced and escorted to photo area to receive awards and take pictures. The next division will be announced in a quick manner.
  • FYI – Some awards i.e. keiki, junior, novice may be announced during the Open races
  • Schedule updates (if any) will be announced

Race Course Maps

Short Course – approx. 5 mi
Begin at Mariner’s Point, travel west along north jetty, leave channel briefly, turn on bell buoy, re-enter Mission Bay, travel east along south jetty, three miles, turn on planted triangle buoy, return to finish lint at Mariner’s Point.

Women/Co-ed/Men Course – approx. 10-12 mi
Start will be outside Mission Bay jetty. Follow starter’s instructions for alignment. Course will be triangular, to be aligned with swell direction for final leg to be down swell. Re-enter jetty along south wall. There will be a left-hand turn at the base of the channel prior to crossing traffic and entering Mariner’s cove for the finish.

After Party

  • We’re bringing it all back – novice dance contest AND an after party at a legendary beach bar that paddlers and ocean enthusiasts everywhere have been frequenting for decades.
  • The Pennant Bar @ 2893 Mission Blvd, San Diego. Less than a mile from the race site. IT’S WALKING DISTANCE! Parking is of course limited everywhere at the beach.
  • Paddlers have the roof top bar reserved for a private party with drink specials!
  • We’ll save a few cool raffle items to award at The Pennant. Don’t miss it.

Food & Drink

Iron Champs will have a variety of food vendors for breakfast & lunch. For brekkie, Hot Bevs will provide all the coffee, Belinda’s will have Mexican options (burritos!) and the Kai Elua food table will have a variety of snacks to offer. Lunch provided by Leilani’s and Belinda’s and beach day sweets by Mahalo Shave Ice. Beer donated by the one and only Stone Brewing!

Hot Bevs Coffee & Tea Co – hot and cold coffee/tea drinks
Hot Bevs Coffee & Tea Co (

Leilani’s Food Truck – Hawaiian plate lunches
leilani’s cafe (

Belinda’s Familia – authentic Mexican food
Menu | belindasfamilia

Mahalo Shave Ice – shave ice, Dole Whip, acai bowls
Mahalo Shave Ice Company™ (

Stone Brewing – Buenaveza Lager and Hazy IPA served in the (non-fenced) Beer Area Stone Brewing

Beer Garden

  • New in 2022, the City of San Diego has a Mixed Age Pilot Program for Special Events, which we have been approved for. Beer Garden 2.0!
  • What does that mean, you ask? It means no more small fenced-in area to drink your beer. It means that all you beer drinkers will be able to wander around the race venue with your beer in hand – shop with your beer, hang out and watch the dance contest with your beer, visit your club area with your beer, cheer at the finish line with your beer.
  • ID cards will be checked near the beer service area and all 21years old and up will have
  • What can you NOT do???
    • You cannot use the beer garden cup to fill with your own beer.
    • You cannot share or buy beer with those without wristbands.
    • You cannot walk out of the race venue with open drink.
    • There will be a fence at the gate entrance and there will be security.

Security guards and San Diego PD will be roving the entire race venue area so please follow the rules so this pilot program can succeed and get approved for future events.

FYI our race beer cups for sale are easily identified as race cups AND they are compostable!! Request all do your part and dump our purchased beer cups in the compost bins around the beach. Thanks friends.

Novice Dance Contest


  • Only one novice team can register per club
  • Dancers must be registered as novice paddlers in 2022 to participate (no coaches or choreographers sneaking onto the stage)
  • Each dance can be no longer than three minutes
  • There are two categories that teams can enter – traditional or contemporary
  • Teams must register by 6/20/2022 and provide their music by 6/23/2022 in order to be included in the competition.
  • Register your notice team here:
  • Winners will receive the rights to brag for the rest of the season and other awesome prizes yet to be determined.


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The Bahia is just a ten-minute walk to the race site. You can’t get any closer.
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The Catamaran is 2 miles away from race site.
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How can you be a Zero Waste Racer?

**Pick up after each other**
**Pack out what you pack in**

Take home what you brought in, leave nothing behind.

  • Bring your own water bottle, fill it up at our water station.
    There will be compost and recycle bins all over. Please use them.
    Some tips we can all use (borrowed from “5 R’s of Zero Waste Living” by Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home)

    • REFUSE what you do not need.
    • REDUCE what you do need; reconsider just how much stuff you actually need.
    • REUSE by repurposing things, or by using reusable objects like metal straws.
    • RECYCLE what you cannot