Environmental Mission Statement

In order to perpetuate the sport of outrigger canoe racing we are responsible for maintaining a
healthy environment, doing what we can to not add to the current trash pollution crisis. Further
more the Pacific Island culture and traditions rooted in our sport encourage sustainability and
respect for nature and all the world’s creatures (including the paddlers).

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Zero Waste Club Certifications

The GREEN PADDLER STAMP of Recognition

Certification will happen yearly based on the previous years efforts.
Each year’s guidelines may differ.
For the first ever SCORA Zero Waste Club Certifications the following criteria must have been
attempted in 2022.
The following Clubs took on the 3 goals set for the year.

  1. Reducing Waste – Composting
  2. Respecting our things – Reducing single use
  3. Taking care of each other – by picking up after each other.

SCORA Zero Waste Newsletters

Zero Waste Issue #1


Zero Waste Issue #2


Zero Waste Issue #3


Zero Waste Clubs

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Zero Waste Resources

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