Saturday, August 26, 2023
Oceanside Harbor, CA
6am to 4pm

General Questions


  • Women/Coed
    • Women - 19 & Under
    • Women - Spec
    • Women - Masters
    • Women - Masters UL
    • Women - Senior Masters
    • Women - Senior Masters UL
    • Women - Golden Masters
    • Women - Golden Masters UL
    • Women - Unlimited
    • Co-Ed - Open
    • Co-Ed - Open UL
    • Co-Ed - Masters
    • Co-Ed - Masters UL
    • Co-Ed - Sr Masters
    • Co-Ed - Sr Masters UL
    • Co-Ed - Golden Masters UL
    • Co-Ed - Juniors (Long)
  • Men
    • Men - 19 & Under
    • Men - Spec
    • Men - Masters
    • Men - Masters UL
    • Men - Senior Masters
    • Men - Senior Masters UL
    • Men - Golden Masters
    • Men - Golden Masters UL
    • Men - Unlimited

Directions to Venue, Canoe Parking and Launch Ramps

From Interstate 5, take the Harbor Drive exit and head west.
Harbor Drive will take you directly to the entrance of the Harbor

Parking Lot Options, Directions and Fees

(Click HERE for City of Oceanside Parking Info, Map, Parking Fees & Beach Rules)

Parking fees range from $10-$20 depending on Lot and time of day/night.
Canoe Trailers: Please tape the parking pass to the trailer’s driver side tail light
Free parking is available a short distance away from the race site.
To reach free parking, after exiting the freeway, turn left at Carmelo Drive (Del Taco).
After parking, proceed to the pedestrian tunnel and take a Left.
To access pay parking lots closer to the race site, stay Left at the “Y” when entering the Harbor and continue to the beach and launch ramp area.

LOT 11 (Behind the OOCC Canoe Yard) is Paopao Permit Parking Only
Cars – Do NOT back your car into any parking space – you will be ticketed

Site Maps

Parking of Trailers and Rigging of Canoes

We will have volunteers to help direct all canoe trailers to a safe turnaround point in order to back your trailer into a parking spot. Please park the trailer “in” the parking spot and not outside the line. We have a limited number of spots available but we’ve always been able to fit everyone. After unhooking your vehicle, you will need to find parking elsewhere in the Harbor area. Please note you will need to pay for parking of your trailer and your vehicle (unless parked in the free lot).

Canoes can be unloaded directly onto the beach and rigged on the sand.
Canoes can be carried/carted along the beach to access the launch ramp

Canoe/Boat Overnight Watch

There is no overnight watch for canoes and/or escort boats arriving prior to 5am on Race Day. OOCC and SCORA are not responsible for any damage or theft. We highly recommend providing your own security for canoes and/or Escort Boats left overnight.
Guest boat slots are available for rent if you wish to choose that option by calling the Oceanside Harbor Office at 760-435-4000 (Mon-Sat 8:00am-4:30pm)

Escort Boats

Oceanside Outrigger has reserved the Coast Guard Dock for Friday night. There is 150’ of dock available with permission to dock two boats side-by-side. If you wish to launch Friday and tie up, please do so but you are responsible for the security of your boat as the dock has public access. DO NOT “find” an empty slot in the Harbor, you will be ticketed and asked to leave the harbor.

Please note that ALL escort boats (even the ones you supply yourself) must sign a SCORA escort/safety boat waiver and release, and must supply the required proof of insurance with a minimum of $300,000 per occurrence. Waiver link: 2023 Skipper Waiver. Please also have all crews and skippers watch SCORA’s video on escort boat best practices at Chase Boat Best Practices

It is our understanding that all escort boat needs have been met. If your club is in need of a last minute escort boat due to mechanical issues or cancelations, please contact our escort boat OOCC rep ASAP and she’ll do her best to see if she can round one up.

All clubs are responsible to contact their escort boat Skipper directly as well as provide the $700+ donation regardless of whether they support one or both races.

If providing your own boat, please insure it meets the SCORA guidelines, the skippers sign the SCORA waiver, and upload their insurance information here: Escort Boat Skipper Waiver

Launching Escort Boats

Escort Boats must arrive at the launch ramp no later than 6:00am to allow adequate time for all boats to launch in a timely and organized manner. Local fishing boats have launch priority on the Northern ramp so patience is required – we will have volunteers to help manage the area.

Launching Canoes and Loading Escort Boats

Please DO NOT bring your canoe to the launch ramp area until all paddlers are available to launch. When the Canoe hits the water, it needs to leave the dock! Canoe launching is in the two South launch ramps only. (This is for both launching, changing crews for the afternoon Men’s race, and exiting).

The North ramp is reserved for local boat traffic only!

Please DO NOT have your Escort boat dock at the Coast Guard Dock until all paddlers and gear are ready to load. After crew is loaded, evacuate the area and head to the main Harbor channel to wait for your assigned canoe.

The morning is always a bit crazy so patience, flexibility, pre-planning, and the Aloha Spirit will help make it a smooth and efficient morning.

Race Schedule (subject to change)

6:00am            Unload and Rig Canoes

7:00am            Team Check-In/Pay Race Fees at SCORA RV

7:00am            Merchandise, Raffle, Beach Vendors open for business

8:00am            Steersperson Meeting

8:10am             Pule

8:15am             Launch Canoes

8:30am            Start of Women/Coed Race

12:30pm           Start of Men’s Race

3:30pm            Awards Ceremony

Race Registration

Complete all registration online before midnight on Friday, August 25th. A late fee of $50 per crew applies to race-day registration. Check-in and registration closes at 8am. Even if you only have a men’s team racing in the afternoon, you still must register and pay your race fees in the morning before 8am. If you don’t pay your race fees before 8am, a late fee will be applied.

Race Course


WE HAVE FOOD!!!  Coffee, pastries, breakfast burritos, tacos, and gelato.

Oceanside Outrigger will also have a Refreshment Station (next to our canoe yard) with Filtered Water to refill your bottle.

No Alcohol Policy

“Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on Harbor sidewalks, parking lots, beaches, etc. No drinking of alcoholic beverages is allowed in public.”

Furry Friends

Dogs are allowed only on the sidewalk areas.  No dogs allowed on the beach.  Please pick up poo-poo!

Raffle and Merchandise

Yes, there will be Paopao swag for sale on the beach along with a raffle, silent auction, and beach vendors.

We’re still gathering raffle items so come by in the morning to check out all the wonderful items and buy your winning ticket.

Zero Waste Initiatives

Take home what you brought in; leave nothing behind.
Bring your own water bottle and fill it up at our water stations.
There will be trash and recycling stations all over. Please use them.
After the race, leave your team area trash-free.
Water source available to fill bottles

Visiting Crew Information

All paddlers, visitors, guest of clubs or support staff must complete a 2023 SCORA Liability Waiver. No exceptions. Sign waiver here

Registration Steps/Login

We have a new site and with that come some changes.

If anyone from your club has participated in a SCORA race in the past, please use your club’s account login and do not create another one and login here.

If new to racing with SCORA register here

Once in your account:

  1. Enter a coach if not already in there. Must enter them as “New”
  2. IF using your own canoes – check borrowed
  3. When it says “select the canoe you will be borrowing”, scroll down to “canoe not listed”, check the box of type, then type the canoe number. No need for color or name.
  4. If borrowing from SCORA – same as #3 but put “unknown” in the canoe number space
  5. Paddler input screen comes up – enter all of your paddlers under “Guest”.
  6. Select  a coach
  7. Hit next and you will be sent to the payment screen. Pay in person or online.

Any issues please email


Click HERE to access the Visit Oceanside site for Hotels, local food establishments, and activities!

GO’Side Shuttle

The City of Oceanside has a EV Shuttle service throughout the summer season.

Click HERE for more info and how to download the app to reserve/request a ride.