Saturday, June 4, 2022
Hosted by the Marina del Rey Outrigger Canoe Club
Mother’s Beach – Marina del Rey – California

MDROCC Zero Waste Race Overview
Marina del Rey Outrigger Canoe Club is proud to host its annual Kahanamoku Klassic Outrigger Canoe Race in Marina del Rey, California on Saturday, June 4th, 2022. This outrigger canoe race draws some 2,000 participants from around California, as well as Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Hawaii and Tahiti.

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  • Keiki
    • Girls - 10 & Under
    • Girls - 12 & Under
    • Girls - 14 & Under
    • Boys - 10 & Under
    • Boys - 12 & Under
    • Boys - 14 & Under
  • Novice/Short
    • Girls - 19 & Under
    • Boys - 19 & Under
    • Novice A - Men Spec
    • Novice A - Men UL
    • Novice A - Women Spec
    • Novice A - Women UL
    • Novice A - Co-Ed
    • Novice A - Co-Ed UL
    • Men - Short Course - UL
    • Men - Short Course
    • Women - Short Course
    • Women - Short Course - UL
    • Co-Ed - Short Course - UL
    • Co-Ed - Juniors (Short)
  • Women/Coed
    • Women - 19 & Under
    • Women - Spec
    • Women - Masters
    • Women - Masters UL
    • Women - Senior Masters
    • Women - Senior Masters UL
    • Women - Golden Masters
    • Women - Golden Masters UL
    • Women - Unlimited
    • Co-Ed - Open
    • Co-Ed - Open UL
    • Co-Ed - Masters
    • Co-Ed - Masters UL
    • Co-Ed - Sr Masters
    • Co-Ed - Sr Masters UL
    • Co-Ed - Golden Masters UL
    • Co-Ed - Juniors (Long)
  • Men
    • Men - 19 & Under
    • Men - Spec
    • Men - Masters
    • Men - Masters UL
    • Men - Senior Masters
    • Men - Senior Masters UL
    • Men - Golden Masters
    • Men - Golden Masters UL
    • Men - Unlimited

Paddler Parking & Directions

Please bring cash!
Click on links for directions!!

LOT 8 – 4220 Admiralty Way (0.2 mile from race site)
LOT 10 – 4101 Admiralty Way (0.2 mile from race site)
LOT 7 – 4350 Admiralty Way (0.6 mile from race site)



We have been warned by the County and violations could jeopardize our future permits!

Race Day Information

Race Site
Mother’s Beach in Marina del Rey
Palawan Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Additional Information
As terms of our race site permit, please abide by the following rules:
NO dogs allowed on beach.
NO alcohol or glass bottles on beach.
NO tents with stakes.
All non-SCORA crews must provide proof of insurance and liability waivers.

Safety Boat Parking
Overnight boat parking on Fiji Way at Dock 52 – 13509 Fiji Way

Off Site Canoe Unloading Only

Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4
Clubs can park trailers at the boat ramp on Friday or Saturday morning.
Public Boat Launch Ramp located in Lot 2 – 13477 Fiji Way
Fees can be paid at the kiosk at the entrance to the lot.
$13 / 24 hours – Vehicles with TRAILERS
$10 / 24 hours – VEHICLES only
Fees subject to change

Although the county sign states trailers cannot be left without a tow vehicle attached, the county has made an exception for our race, and will allow you to leave your trailer and drive your vehicle over to the race site. You must display your parking pass on your trailer. Please bring a zip lock bag and a zip tie.

Canoes should be offloaded and rigged in the Public Boat Launch Parking area and paddled to Mother’s Beach.


Contact Lindsey Richman for questions about canoe unloading:
(310) 490-5068

Race Schedule

6:30 AM – Registration Opens
7:00 AM – Breakfast (available for purchase)
coffee, breakfast foods such as breakfast burritos, musubi, bagels, fruit, and boiled eggs
7:15 AM – Race merchandise and raffle tickets open
8:00 AM – Registration Closes
8:00 AM – Pule
Hawaiian Blessing
8:15 AM – KEIKI Race
8:20 AM – Steersperson Meeting
Novice and Open
10:30 AM – OPEN WOMEN / CO-ED Race
11:00 AM – Lunch (available for purchase)
Hawaiian style plate lunch, made by Rutt’s Hawaiian Café
12:30 PM – OPEN MEN’s Race
2:30 PM – Awards and Photos

Race Course

Keiki Course
Approx. ¼ mile race, inside MDROCC channel, finishing at Mother’s Beach.

Novice & Open Short Course
Approx. 4 mile race, starting inside main channel to North exit of break wall towards Venice Pier.
Turn back, return on South side of break wall, finishing at Mother’s Beach.

Open Course
Approx. 11 mile race, starting outside Marina break wall,
heading north to Santa Monica Pier on a triangle course, finishing at Mother’s Beach.

Raffle & Silent Auction

Raffle and silent auction will be open from 8 AM – 2 PM
Raffle will be announced and posted at the end of the day – you do not need to be present to win.
Silent auction items will close at 2 PM and be available for pick up from 2 PM – 4 PM.
Cash, credit cards and checks may be used for purchase.
Raffle items include custom jewelry, artwork, eyewear, appliances, electronics, SUP boards, skin and haircare products, Arbonne, restaurant gift certificates, the infamous Marina Booze Cooler and so much more!


Kahanamoku Klassic hosts a number of vendors that sell paddling equipment, art, jewelry, clothing, food and massages.

Become a Vendor
To find out more about becoming a vendor, please contact:
Shoshana Robello
(808) 230-6630

How can you be a Zero Waste Racer?

**Pick up after each other**
**Pack out what you pack in**

BYOB – Bring your own:
Refillable water bottle, coffee cup, etc.
Re-useable Cutlery, Bowl or plate (camping gear works)
Towel or cloth napkin

Carpool, walk, run, bike, skate, paddle to the event.

Look for the compost bins. Read the signs.
What can you compost?
Organics, Food waste, paper napkins, true paper and cardboard, many other things look for the signs.

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Stay the weekend and secure a hotel room at Jamaica Bay Inn, right on Mother’s Beach!

To use the paddler’s discount code you must visit:

Available Rooms

 Code is “KKGB”

This paddler special is only for the block dates 6/3 and 6/4. To book extended reservations, you will have to call in. Phone (310) 823 5333

Email of Marina Outrigger with any questions.