Races on Saturday, Sept 9th
Co-Ed – Open Unlimited
Co-Ed – 19/U (10 Man)
Women – Open Unlimited
Women – Masters Unlimited (40+)
Women – Senior Masters Unlimited (50+)
Women – Golden Masters Unlimited (55+)
Women – 19 & Under (10 man)

Races on Sunday, Sept 10th

Co-Ed – Masters Unlimited(40+)
Co-Ed – Sr Masters Unlimited (50+)
Men – Open Unlimited
Men – Masters Unlimited (40+)
Men – Senior Masters Unlimited (50+)
Men – Golden Masters Unlimited (60+)
Men – 19 & Under (10 man)

*Co-ed and/or Master Co-ed can be a mixed crew of 5 women and 4 men. Junior Coed is 6 women and 4 men.

*NOTE: It is imperative that all paddlers including each member from SCORA and each member of a visiting crew, all coaches, all escort skippers, any person on any escort boat for any reason, and any person who accompanies that crew in any capacity sign a 2022 SCORA Release of Liability form.  Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list.

All non-SCORA crews must provide a Certificate of Insurance naming SCORA and its Member Clubs as additionally insured.

If you have questions, please contact Malia Hohl, SCORA Vice President of Insurance at insurance@scora.org. These forms are part of a completed registration package to be submitted by said date or fees will increase. Due no later than Aug 31st.