Saturday, June 22, 2024
Mariner’s Point Park, Mission Bay, San Diego, CA
7:00AM – 5:00PM
Check out all the details at

No dogs, no glass, no smoking, and no outside alcohol allowed on beach.
Please follow the rules, our future permits with City of San Diego depend on it


General Noelle Murphy
Parking James Rojas
Dance Shelly Moses


  • Keiki
    • Girls - 10 & Under
    • Boys - 10 & Under
    • Girls - 12 & Under
    • Boys - 12 & Under
    • Girls - 14 & Under
    • Boys - 14 & Under
    • Girls - 16 & Under
    • Boys - 16 & Under
  • Novice/Short
    • Girls - 19 & Under
    • Boys - 19 & Under
    • Novice A - Women Spec
    • Novice B - Women Spec
    • Novice A - Women UL
    • Novice B - Women UL
    • Novice A - Men Spec
    • Novice B - Men Spec
    • Novice A - Men UL
    • Novice B - Men UL
    • Novice A - Co-Ed
    • Novice B - Co-Ed
    • Novice A - Co-Ed UL
    • Novice B - Co-Ed UL
    • Women - Short Course - UL
    • Women - Short Course Elite
    • Men - Short Course - UL
    • Men - Short Course Elite
    • Co-Ed - Short Course - UL
    • Co-Ed - Juniors (Short)
  • Women/Coed
    • Women - 19 & Under
    • Women - Spec
    • Women - Masters UL
    • Women - Senior Masters UL
    • Women - Golden Masters UL
    • Women - Unlimited
    • Co-Ed - Open UL
    • Co-Ed - Masters UL
    • Co-Ed - Sr Masters UL
    • Co-Ed - Golden Masters UL
    • Co-Ed - Juniors (Long)
  • Men
    • Men - 19 & Under
    • Men - Spec
    • Men - Masters UL
    • Men - Senior Masters UL
    • Men - Golden Masters UL
    • Men - Unlimited


Race Site – Mariner’s Point


Please, Please, Please Follow These Rules

Public parking is available in areas designated as ‘P’ on map. Get there early for best parking. It’s a popular area in Summer.

Parking attendants will be available to assist trailers and authorized personnel. They have pre-approved lists. If you’re not on the list, don’t pass the parking lots.

Paddlers, do NOT attempt to drive through to the end of Mariner’s Way to the gate for unloading. There is no room to turn around and you will cause a traffic jam.

I SAY AGAIN, Absolutely no unloading in the red zone at the gate.

Trailer Parking

Trailer Parking Hours: Friday 6/21 3pm – 8pm & Saturday 6/22 5am – 8am.

  • Trailer parking is limited. BEST PLAN – Come Friday afternoon 6/21 and leave trailer(s) and canoes overnight. We will have overnight security on the beach on Friday.
  • Clubs that arrive on Friday will unload canoes on NORTH end of beach. Clubs that arrive Saturday morning will unload on SOUTH end of beach.
  • Double up with other clubs for towing if possible. (Save gas money!)
  • Parking is FREE.

What not to do with the trailer:

  • If you arrive after 8am on Saturday 6/22, trailers will NOT be allowed to enter the lot.
  • If your driver arrives Friday before 3pm or after 8pm, do NOT go to the race site. Park trailer at the Dana Landing launch lot Dana Landing Boat Launch (1600-1908 Dana Landing Rd, San Diego, CA 92109). Race site gate opens at 5AM. Do not attempt to pull in at race site – the gate will be locked, you will not be able to turn the trailer around. You will be ticketed if you leave trailer there. Yes, it’s happened before.
  • Vehicles are not allowed to park overnight at the race site, hitched or not. Trailers only.
  • Email James Rojas at with your club name, driver name, and
    trailer arrival time/date.

Race Schedule

Friday June 21st, 2024
3:00 – 8:00 pm Unload and rig canoes
Vendor setup, as applicable
4:00 – 6:00 pm Raffle ticket/Merchandise pre-sale pick up

Saturday June 22nd, 2024 All times are approximate
7:00 am Hawaiian blessing and Native land acknowledgment
Merchandise/raffle/vendor sales open.
7:15 am Keiki race steersperson meeting
7:30 am Race – Keiki
8:15 am Novice, Junior and Short Course steersperson meeting
8:30 am Race – Novice, Junior and Short Course
9:00 am Open Steersperson meeting
10:00 am Open Women and Co-ed launch from beach
10:00 am Race – Open Women and Co-ed
11:00 am Food trucks open for lunch service
12:00 pm Race – Open Men
Burgeon Beer Garden opens
1:00 pm Start drawing raffle tickets
2:30 pm Novice dance contest
3:30 pm Awards ceremony (Some awards i.e. keiki, junior may be announced earlier)
4:30 pm Food trucks stop service
Grand raffle prize winner announced, Perpetual Trophy winner announced
5:00 pm Beer garden closes. CLEAN UP.

Visiting Crews


All paddlers, visitors, guest of clubs or support staff must complete a 2024 SCORA Liability Waiver. No exceptions. Sign waiver here

How to Register/Guest Club Login

Registration Steps/Login

If anyone from your club has participated in a SCORA race in the past, please use your club’s account login and do not create another one and login here.

If new to racing with SCORA register here

Once in your account:

  1. Enter a coach if not already in there. Must enter them as “New”
  2. IF using your own canoes – check borrowed
  3. When it says “select the canoe you will be borrowing”, scroll down to “canoe not listed”, check the box of type, then type the canoe number. No need for color or name.
  4. If borrowing from SCORA – same as #3 but put “unknown” in the canoe number space
  5. Paddler input screen comes up – enter all of your paddlers under “Guest”.
  6. Select  a coach
  7. Hit next and you will be sent to the payment screen. Pay in person or online.

All Pau

Any issues please email

Race Courses

NOTE: Bright ORANGE triangle buoys will mark turns and finish line. Courses are subject to change, depending on conditions.

Short Course – Approx 5 Miles

Begin at Mariner’s Point, travel west along north jetty, leave channel briefly, turn on bell buoy, re-enter Mission Bay, travel east along south jetty, three miles, turn on planted triangle buoy, return to finish lint at Mariner’s Point.

Long Course – Approx 10-12 miles

Start will be outside Mission Bay jetty. Follow starter’s instructions for alignment. Course will be triangular, to be aligned with swell direction for final leg to be down swell. Re-enter jetty along south wall. There will be a left-hand turn at the base of the channel prior to crossing traffic and entering Mariner’s cove for the finish.

Food & Drink

All food trucks will be available for breakfast and throughout the day. Kai Elua race hosts will have small breakfast items – bananas, baked goods, etc.

● Coffee Can Collective – BRING YOUR OWN COFFEE CUP
● Leilani’s – Hawaiian, breakfast and lunch options leilani’s cafe (
● Belinda’s Familia – Mexican, breakfast and lunch options Locations | belindasfamilia
● Famigo’s Ice Cream – ice cream, paletas, acai bowls
● Burgeon Beer Company – 2-3 beer options

The BURGEON Beer Garden


Burgeon Beer – a San Diego local, award-winning craft brewery and the FIRST BREWERYIN THE WORLD to achieve 1% for the planet, Climate Neutral and Ocean+Positive certification.

  • No small fenced-in beer garden at this race! ID cards will be checked near the beer service area and all 21years old and up will have wristbands.
  • What you can do with beer purchased at Burgeon Beer Garden– wander the race venue with your beer, shop with your beer, hang out and watch the dance contest with your beer, visit your club area with your beer, cheer at the finish line with your beer. You can even re-use your cup with the take-away souvenir Champs Cups.
  • What can you NOT do?
    • You cannot use the beer garden cup to fill with your own beer.
    • You cannot share or buy beer for those without wristbands.
    • You cannot walk out of the race venue with your drink. There will be a security guard posted at the exit.
  • Security guards and San Diego PD will be at the race site throughout the day. Don’t be that person.
  • Reusable cups! Every beer drinker will receive a reusable cup with their drink tickets, to be rinsed and used throughout the day. Take them home with you or if you’d rather not, look for the deposit box near the exit. Don’t just throw them away.


The Dana on Mission Bay 1710 West Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, CA 92109
Reservations 1-800-445-3339 /

Paradise Point Resort and Spa 1404 Vacation Road, San Diego, CA 92109 Reservations
(858) 581-5924 /

Holiday Inn Express San Diego – Mission Bay 4610 De Soto Street, San Diego, CA 92109
Reservations (858) 483-9800 /

Zero Waste Initiatives

  • Take home what you brought in, leave nothing behind.
  • Bring your own coffee cup, visit Coffee Can Collective. Bring your own water bottle, fill it up at our water station. Bring your own utensils.
  • There will be compost and recycle bins all over. Please use them. If confused on where to put your garbage, slow down and look at the signs.
  • Some tips we can all use (borrowed from “5 R’s of Zero Waste Living” by Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home)

1. REFUSE what you do not need.
2. REDUCE what you do need; reconsider just how much stuff you actually need.
3. REUSE by repurposing things, or by using reusable objects like metal straws.
4. RECYCLE what you cannot refuse, reduce or reuse.
5. ROT (compost) the rest

Vendors & Information Booths

ARE Outrigger World, Aloha Designs, Better Surf Than Sorry, Born to Rock Jewelry, Calacas Eyewear/SD Cork Hats, Cali Paddler, Custodians of the Sea, Gunner Made Woodworking, Nature Needs SD, Operation Open Water, Palafamala Paddles, Paddle Me, Pro to Col Sport Systems, Quickblade Paddles, San Diego Police Department, SeaLife Art, Stretchlab Hillcrest, Sun Mud, URT! Clothing

Merchandise & Raffle

Visit our store

Huge thanks to our sponsor ARE Outrigger World, nurturing ohana and outrigger paddling sincev2020. They are your source for the finest Tahitian canoes in the world, and you can win one!!!

Check it out: ARE V1 Marara rudderless canoe. White with blue ama.

The ARE Tahiti V1 Marara is the sleek, Tahitian-designed rudderless canoe for paddlers interested in learning or
mastering the art of Tahitian-style paddling whether for simple enjoyment or demanding competition. Its smooth
glide and highly responsive steering give you the feeling of being “at one” with the water.

Valued at $4750!!!!!

Online merchandise and raffle pre-sale opens on 6/10 (if not sooner) and closes at Midnight
6/18. Visit the Champs Store

Pick up your pre-sale items on Friday 6/21 at 4-6pm at the race site or on race day.
ARE V1 Raffle: 1 ticket for $10, 6 tickets for $50, 13 for $100
General Raffle: 1 ticket for $1, 25 tickets for $20

Margot Darby Memorial Novice Dance Contest

In 2024, we unexpectedly lost one of San Diego’s coolest paddlers. Margot Darby was a cherished member of the Kai Elua Outrigger Canoe Club ohana, known for her love of dance, the ocean, and the outrigger community. In 2010, she helped start the Novice Dance Contest, a vibrant part of our annual Iron Champs Race that celebrates both athletic and artistic spirit. In her honor, we are renaming the dance contest the Margot Darby Memorial Novice Dance Contest (the Darby Dance Contest), ensuring her joyful legacy continues to inspire and uplift future novice paddlers.


  • One novice team per club can register.
  • Dancers must be registered as novice paddlers in 2024 to participate. No coaches or choreographers are allowed to sneak onto the stage.
  • Each dance must be less than three minutes.
  • There are two categories that teams can enter:
    • Traditional island music/dance
    • Contemporary music/dance
  • Music from the B-52s is highly encouraged to honor Margot Darby
  • Costumes and props are encouraged.
  • Teams must register by 6/12 and submit music by 6/17 to be included in the competition.
  • Submit your music early. If a song is already claimed, you’ll need to choose another.

Register here:

After Party


San Diego Mission Bay Boat and Ski Club, 2606 N Mission Bay Dr., San Diego, CA 92109
San Diego Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club

  • Plenty of parking on the street.
  • Parking inside the gate is for members only.
  • 10 min drive from race venue, on Mission Bay
  • Band starts at 5pm Food truck, live music, cheap drinks, extra bartenders, relaxed outdoor venue.

Race Sponsors