2022 Catalina Channel Crossing

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  • Women/Coed
    • Women - 19 & Under
    • Women - Unlimited
    • Women - Masters UL
    • Women - Senior Masters UL
    • Women - Golden Masters UL
    • Co-Ed - Open UL
    • Co-Ed - Juniors (Long)
  • Men
    • Co-Ed - Masters_UL
    • Co-Ed - Sr_Masters_UL
    • Men - 19 & Under
    • Men - Unlimited
    • Men - Masters UL
    • Men - Senior Masters UL
    • Men - Golden Masters UL

Updated Schedule of Events

Saturday, September 10th
There will be no formal coaches or skippers meeting
Location: Newport Aquatic Center (NAC) – 1 Whitecliff Dr. Newport Beach
2 – 5 PM: Merchandise Pickup/Sales
– You can have a teammate pick up your order
2 – 5 PM: Beach Cleanup
4 – 5 PM: SCORA Race Chair Josh Crayton will be available for Race Logistic Q&A
4 – 5 PM: Pay your registration fees


Make sure you have communicated with your skipper on when/where to meet. Sunday morning is going to be really impacted at the launch ramp. It would be a good idea to load things onto the escort boat Saturday on land


Trailers – 101 N Bayside Dr. Newport Beach
Trailer parking has not changed. It is still on the Marina side of The Newport Dunes. You can unload and rig anytime on Saturday or Sunday morning.


Sunday, September 11th
6:30 AM: Pay your registration fees
6:30 AM: Women/Coed Steersman Meeting (Marina side)
7:00 AM: Women/Coed launch for the start line
8:00 AM: Women/Coed race start
11:00 AM: Deadline to pay your registration fees
11:00 AM: Merch Pickup/Sales Opens
11:45 AM: Men/Aged Coed Steersman Meeting (Marina side)
12:00 PM: Deadline to finish for Women/Coed Race
12:10 PM: Men/Aged Coed launch for the start line
12:30 PM: Food/Bar Service Opens
1:00 PM: Men/Aged Coed Race Start
1:30 PM: Women’s Awards
5:00 PM: Deadline to finish for Men/Aged Coed
6:00 PM: Men’s Awards
If we do not stick to this schedule the best we can, the shorter the race courses will have to be. So let’s do our best to work together in the morning.

Registration, Merch, Food and Awards will be at Pavilion C as normal.

Paddler Parking – 1131 Back Bay Dr. Newport Beach
Parking for paddlers is still the same. Enter from Back Bay Dr. Plan ahead for delays at the pay kiosk in the morning.

Race Course
This will be determined Sunday morning after the Race Committee analyzes the conditions.

More Skipper Information

NO SPEEDING IN THE HARBOR! If the race has started, and the escort boat is not outside the harbor, DON’T PANIC. You will find your canoe.

All skippers monitor VHF Channel 08.

If your escort breaks down in the morning before the race starts, contact:
Bud Hohl at 949-355-6178 or
Malia Hohl at 949-375-0551
We’ll see what we can do.

All times are approximate and subject to change

Race Location Maps

Race Has Changed due to Hurricane Kay

It is with great disappointment that the CATALINA CROSSING Race Committee must announce that racing activities on Saturday, Sept. 10th have been cancelled.


The good news is that we are STILL GOING TO RACE.  


We still have the privilege of hosting field of world class paddlers.   SCORA’s contingency plan is to host two triangle-course races on Sunday starting at the Newport Harbor mouth and finishing at the Newport Dunes.  We’re planning for each race to be a duration of 4 hours and 20+ miles in length.

There are still many final details to work out.  But rest assured, we are committed to holding this Sunday.

  • The Avalon Harbor Master has effectively shut down Avalon Harbor. 

    We have reports that boats arriving to Avalon today are being turned away.  Boats will not be permitted to moor on any of the first buoy line of moorings in anticipation of large shore breaking surf and high tides.  Businesses along Cresent Street are preparing for flooding.  The fuel dock is being removed.  The City of Avalon is preparing for a serious weather event.

    SCORA officials have been engaged in daily phone conversations with the Avalon Harbor Master.  According to the forecasts he must prepare for, his assessment is that the forecast is worsening, not improving.   For example, here is the forecast for Saturday at noon.

  • What changed today was that the tropical storm driven winds were forecast to subside by mid-afternoon.  Now the high winds are now forecast to subside early Sunday morning.
  • It is not safe to be in the San Pedro Channel on Saturday

    Based on the most current accurate forecast, and advice from the most knowledgeable Coast Guard/Harbor Patrol/Lifeguard professionals we have access to, the risks associated with being on ocean Saturday are simply excessive.


Saturday evening trailers arrive, pay registration fees, escort boat fees, pick up CATALINA CROSSING Merchandise

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina
101 N Bayside Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Sunday Woman and Coed Races

7:00 AM            All Canoe must launch from Newport Dunes and proceed to harbor mouth
8:00 AM            Women divisions Race Start
8:20 AM            Open Coed and U19 Coed Race Start
12:00 noon        Deadline to Finish


Sunday Men’s and Age group Coed Races

12:10 PM           All canoes must launch from Newport Dunes and proceed to harbor mouth
1:00 PM            Men’s and Coed Race Start
5:00 PM            Deadline to Finish
6:00 PM            Awards Ceremony

We understand that these this change is going to have logistical implications.  Some of these will be costly.  We sincerely apologize.  In most cases, lodging in Avalon will allow your paddlers to postpone their trip for up to a year.  We look forward to seeing these paddlers next year.  In some cases Avalon hotels may permit guests to cancel their reservations.   We encourage paddlers to start on this immediately. Wahine Express tickets will be refunded. 
We understand that some paddlers are not able to participate on Sunday.  Again, we sincerely apologize.  Please work to adjust your crews as soon as possible
We hope that a majority of paddlers will be able to adjust.  And that we maintain the quality competitive field we are looking forward to.
Please re-assess your crews competency.  The Tropical Storm driven waves will be no joke on Sunday.  Even if the winds subside, conditions could be challenging for crews who place in the bottom 1/3 of SCORA races.  If in doubt do not send your crew out.
Please be prepared to attach weight to the ama.  Every crew or escort boat should be equipped with at least one 5 to 10 lb dive weight and mechanism <velco, rubber band, duct tape, etc.)  to quickly attach it to rear i’aku.
Finally, we need your cooperation to enforce the Finish Deadline times.  A towrope is mandatory safety equipment for every canoe.  It is expected that every canoe will be have entered the Newport Harbor mouth within 30 minutes of the deadline.  It is a 3-mile paddle from the harbor mouth to the finish line outside of the Newport Dunes.  If any coach has any concerns about this policy, or what it might mean for your crew, please contact Josh Crayton directly.

Wind Forecast – https://www.windy.com/-Wind-gusts-gust?gust,2022091106,33.266,-118.395,9,m:eALacR1

Hurricane Kay Public Advisory  – https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/text/refresh/MIATCPEP2+shtml/072042.shtml?

Arrival Estimate of Storm Winds

Visiting Crew Waiver Information

All visiting crews and their support people much complete a 2022 SCORA Liability Waiver.

Please complete the form here: Click Here


How to Be a Zero Waste Racer and Traveler

Pack out what you pack in.

1. BYOB – Prepare by packing
2. 5 R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot

BYOB – Bring Your own:
Water Jug: Have a jug of water for your team to share on escort boat. Water Bottle – Fill up water bottles at airport, races, escort boat and restaurants
Bulk Snacks – Organize shared bulk snacks for the Escort boat
Utensils –Refuse single use or reuse them for the trip.
Cloth Napkin, Small towel – Toss in laundry with clothes or compost paper napkins when you are done with them.
Cup, Plate or Bowl – Refuse styrofoam or plastic. Coffee houses offer discounts if BYO – Ask to reuse your plastic cup at beer garden. Compost paper plates when you are done with them.
Shopping bag, Backpack, – If you have to take a single use shopping bag reuse it as many times as you can. Turn it into a trash bag even though you will have minimal trash

Transportation – Car pool, walk, bike, or paddle to the event.
Thoughtful Shopping – Shop B Corp, Local, Mom and Pop,Organic/Healthy
Read the Signs: Compost, Trash, Recycle. Put it in the correct bin.

***Pick up after each other***
Bea Johnson – Adapted for SCORA Travelers
Refuse – Single Use on the plane or restaurant because you brought your own.
Reduce – Purchase only what you need
Reuse or Repair, Refill – Reuse Single use items you bought in a pinch, Repair gear before
donating and replacing. Refill plastic bottles/containers at a refill store.
Rot – Compost
Recycle – As a last resort. Pay attention to what is recyclable in your area.
Respect – Everyone is moving at different speeds. As long as you are trying to reduce your
footprint you are succeeding.

Share the love by tagging your good deeds. Follow us for more tips on how to be a Zero Waste racer:
#TrainingOutTheTrash #SCORAoutTheTrash