COVID-19 Update

To our SCORA Ohana – 

As we are all navigating these uncertain times, please know that you are not alone. SCORA and all of our paddling Ohana are here. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

SCORA April 6, 2020 COVID update
SCORA April 20, 2020 COVID update
SCORA May 24, 2020 COVID update


SCORA clubs and paddlers are responsible participants in public health and must comply with local, state, and federal rules and guidelines, as amended from time to time. Individual clubs may also be governed by specific circumstances, including conditions imposed by landlords or physical access and space constraints. Each club is encouraged to monitor relevant rules and guidelines, develop strategies accordingly, and communicate the same to its paddlers. COVID-19 mitigation is everyone’s shared responsibility and must be worked toward by each SCORA club and each SCORA paddler without exception.

COVID-19 mitigation guidelines as of December 2020 include:

  1. Use of OC6 and OC2 canoes is not recommended unless all paddlers are in the same household because such canoes do not allow for 6 feet of physical distancing;  
  2. Use of OC1 canoes is permitted so long as shared equipment is cleaned between users; 
  3. Paddlers should use personal equipment whenever possible (e.g., PFDs, paddles and private boats);
  4. If equipment is shared, it should be sanitized between each uses;
  5. Paddlers should not congregate on docks, on the water, or on shore in a manner that does not meet 6-foot physical-distancing between individuals, or that exceeds group limits as set out by local authorities; 
  6. A paddler should stay at home if:

In addition, for each paddler and other individual on club premises or participating in club activities, including but not limited to launching craft, working out by paddling or otherwise, and maintaining canoes, SCORA must have received a current, signed waiver from such paddler or other individual.

Federal COVID-19 Resources: 


State COVID-19 Resources